How can I contact you? 

You can do so by email or phone. 

E-mail: info@elektrisk-vinsch.eu 

Telefon: +46 70 298 3458 



Do you also deliver to other countries? 

Yes, we also ship to other countries. Shipping costs depend on weight and transport. For intra-community deliveries please send us an email with your company details and mentioning your VAT number. If you mail us your company number we can deliver VAT-0! 

Do you also supply winches to governmental bodies etc? 

Yes, we also supply our electric and hydraulic winches to government and other agencies. Our reliable American winches are suitable for service vehicles such as recovery vehicles, fire departments and police departments. Our winches are also used by Water Boards and Counties. 

Can you supply parts for other brands of winches?  

We only supply parts for Warn, Ramsey and NovaWinch winches. Some parts do fit other brands of winches.  

Do the accessories come standard when I order an electric winch?  

The accessories can be ordered at the bottom of the page. This can also be done on the homepage at Winch Accessories. For some electric winches you can even order multiple options.  


I have made a payment, how can I be sure that I have paid? 

When you pay an order, you will receive a confirmation from your bank after you have agreed. Also, immediately after the payment, you will find this payment in your account statement within your internet banking environment. When you have completed the payment, you can log in directly to your bank and find the payment in your own account overview. 

When you have paid, we will be notified and can process your order immediately so that your winch can be shipped on time.  

I have paid, how can I be sure that the merchant receives this payment? 

The merchant will always be notified of the status of the order so he can see if the payment has been processed successfully. Once the payment is received, your order will be shipped as soon as possible! 


Are the prices fixed or can a price change apply to the order? 

When you place an order, it is possible that a price change may apply. You will of course be informed in advance. 

Maintenance and repair   

Do you also assemble electric winches?  

Yes, we have our own workshop in Munkfors for assembly and repair of 12V, 24V electric winches and for assembly and repair of hydraulic winches.  

Do you also repair electric winches?  

Yes, we have our own workshop in Munkfors for repair of 12V and 24V electric winches and for repair on hydraulic winches.  

Can we send our electric winch for repair or maintenance?  

Yes, we will contact you about the expected costs for repairing your winch.  

Do you have a parts drawing for repairing our electric winch?  

Often yes; please provide type and visible numbers as well as photos and we will provide you with an exploded view drawing of your electric winch.  

(This is only available for Warn winches!) 

Can you also install and teach wireless controls?  

Yes, we also install the wireless controls of your electric winch. We can also teach you how to operate the winch in order to prevent malfunctions.  

Can you also troubleshoot electric winches?  

Our service department can troubleshoot and repair your electric winch in our workshop.  


My (Chinese) winch is broken. If I provide the specifications of my current winch, can you offer a good alternative?  

Yes, please specify in the mail whether it is a 12V or 24V winch and the required pulling force and connection size. Also let us know if you prefer winch cable or winch rope. And of course whether you want wireless control. 

We will make you an appropriate proposal! 

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